Kenting’s national park is located on the southern-most tip of Taiwan. The place offers a dazzling wild life, great coral reefs and maybe the best beaches in Taiwan. Earlier this week I went down there on a mission to install an underwater camera system in the inlet of cooling water to NNP3, Taiwan’s third nuclear power plant. Needless to say: cool stuff!
Here are some pictures from the adventure.
dsc_3892.jpg dsc_3938.jpg
NNP3, The 3rd nuclear plant of Taiwan and heavy restricted area. Yes, there were James Bond feelings involved.
dsc_3926.jpg dsc_3914.jpg dsc_3911.jpg
The equipment: 4 underwater cameras (res. 720×480px, 10fps), video server and a on-shore steel casing with networking devices and power converters etc.

dsc_3902.jpg dsc_3917.jpg dsc_3918.jpg
Left: Happy crew with Stoca and Mr. Wei.
Middle: Excited Ebbe.
Right: Jazz configuring the video server.
dsc_3943.jpg underwater_streams.JPG dsc04888.JPG
Left: Divers installing the cameras
Middle: Proof (screenshot) of a successful implementation. (View Live!)
Right: Running live streaming on IMAX 4k projector in National Museum of Natural Science, TaiZhong 2008-03-08.

So… what did you do at work today??

From Chinese world in San Fransisco to Metro Teknik in Sweden. This time the article is related to what I am working with here in Taiwan. Please enjoy.

Check out the last page on (the article is in Swedish):



Nov 30th, 2007

Ebbe in the newspaper


just found this on google. So stupid (and a bit funny)…
(Non-Chinese readers might want to translate the article using babelfish (choose Chinese trad. to English)).
I should probably mention that I met the writer of the article (Mr. Wang) in San Francisco right after coming from Reno. He said that he was a photographer from some Chinese newspaper.. He said something about writing a story about the oil pollution in the bay. But he never mentioned that he was writing a story about me….

And god-damnit, i’m Swedish, not Swiss! Can anyone get that right??

Nov 2nd, 2007

Off to SC07 in Reno, US.

It is time to revive this blog from the dead. To do so I will start off with a happy little message about work, life and traveling.

A while ago our research poster about data management for ecological research was accepted for SC07. SC is the largest Supercomputing Conference in the world and it offers 6 days of high performance computing, networking, storage, visualization and analysis. While this may be a big turn-off for most people it couldn’t possibly be a better place to show off my research within Grid computing. And aside from being a great work achievement, it also came with a free trip to Reno in the US.

While in Reno I will, except from attending the technical conference, spend my dollars in a few of the many casinos as well as attend a reception in The National Bowling Stadium. This is where the shot the final scenes from the excellent movie Kingpin from 1996!

If you happen to be in Reno Tuesday the 13th of November, make sure to come down to the Ballroom lobby between 5 and 7.30pm for a little discussion and a free drink ticket. If you are not that lucky, then you can at least have a look at the winning poster for SC07 here below :)

SC07 poster

For now I will just apologize for my inactivity. I hope to come back soon. In the meantime please check out the publications sections, at least there has been some action on that area….

Mar 24th, 2007

“The chicken machine”

Today I felt like spreading the word about a quite amazing market that is located within bicycling distance from where I live. We usually refer to it as “the second hand market” as you can find literally anything here. Old books, records, movies, watches, plates, decoration stuff, computers, digital/analog cameras and video games, you name it. Or why not get a really cheap haircut? The “barber shop” is actually the most remarkable thing as.The trimmers they use are driven by either a yellow diesel generator or from the owners scooter!

dsc00053.JPG dsc00056.JPG

It was here my neighbor James was able to pick up a really cheap Super Nintendo console. This is a real hardcore gaming machine, Super Mario World was conquered in just a few days and the hot *new* game is Street Fighter Turbo. We also have a boring role playing game in Japanese…

My favorite aspect of the market is however all the fruits and vegetables that are offered at really cheap prices. Last week I spent about 75sek and I got myself about 10 capsicum (red, yellow and green), two bags of fresh basil and parsley, 5 star fruits, a big bag of carrots, a few egg plants, fresh ginger, lettuce. Much more than I can eat in a week.

dsc00054.JPG dsc00064.JPG

And I finally found the “chicken machine” that I read about it a few years ago. It is actually a quite cruel device. The process starts when someone points at the alive, screaming and caged chicken they fancy for dinner. Then the unlucky chicken is put inside a big steaming box. After being boiled for about 5 minutes the wet and dead chicken is moved into spinning cylinder. The cylinder is connected to a pipe from which the bird’s feathers is coming out. A while later a featherless chicken is sold to the customer. Its a bit overwhelming I guess, but can you ever get a chicken fresher than that?

Well, tomorrow its Sunday. Time to go again!

Jan 10th, 2007

What Is That?

After 6 more month in Taiwan I’m back on Swedish ground to finish my thesis and as of now I do nothing but working on the report. It is about half as fun as it sounds :)
I will write a more informative post whenever I find some time, for now I just liked to share a little picture from my report. I find it quite cool. I used Flyttfirma Göteborg to help me move, super nice!
Basically this is what I’v dedicated myself to since August last year, constructing triangle meshes (right) from unstructured point sets (left).
It time for the ten-million dollar question.
What is it in the picture?

Dec 23rd, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Everyone knows that Christmas is a time to spend with family.


But when momi, dadi and sis are located on the other side of the world I am lucky to have a Taipei family as well. This year I will celebrate Christmas together with Patricia, James and Sara.
I have been looking forward to have pickled herring on the table but unfortunately IKEA were out of stock. Instead we got ourselves a “pepparkakshus” (gingerbread house) which we happily took home, put together and decorated. We even put a little snow man next to the house, very cute. What we did not think about (and probably neither did the IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad) was that gingerbread houses are somewhat sensitive to humidity. So, within 24 hours our nice little gingerbread house gave in and collapsed.

But instead of being sad about the ginger bread house we are happy about our nice little Christmas tree which looks very pretty and will probably never give in since its all made of plastic.

The Christmas menu this year is smorgasbord styled and Pana-Swed-American inspired, and it will be a feast. It includes:

Cold cuts: Gravlax (Marinated salmon), Gubbrora (”Old-man-mix”), Xmas cod-roe eggs

Main courses: Carrot’n'cabbage salad, Panamanian Christmas ham, Swedish meatballs, varmkorv (sausage), salami, Potatoe salad.

Desserts: Tiramisu, “James surprise”

Drinks: Mimosas, Bubble bobble
Merry Christmas!

Additional xmas pictures can be found here.

(To Nathan: too bad you are not here, we miss feeding you, and btw, your room is still prepared for your return ;) )

Dec 16th, 2006

Lucia in Taipei

Although Christmas is hardly a traditional taiwanese tradition the xmas spirit is present even here, among plastic Christmas trees, blinking lights and xmas card sell-outs. I am not, however, expecting a white Christmas :)

To help set the mood the Swedish trade council in Taipei arranged a Lucia party earlier this week offering swedish glogg, Christmas ham, Lucia buns and to top it off a beautiful Lucia procession singing all traditional swedish Lucia songs you could ever wish for. Too bad I did not to bring my camera, it was very nice and came with plenty of Kodak moments. I also received a package from home this week (can’t wait to open it), Im ready for Christmas.

The event was a nice break from my thesis that currently takes most of my time as I am trying to conclude my research. After a lot of hard work the research turned out quite good and I feel good about what I’ve accomplished. Too bad it is over very soon, I have only about one week left on the implementation which. After that I have to finish the written report and voila, Im ready to graduate :)

Nov 7th, 2006

BBQ @ WuLai hotsprings

Every now and then it just happens, someone comes with one of these amazing ideas and you just go for it. This sunday Patricia, our neigbours James and Sara, our mate Nathan and I went off to the WuLai hotsprings. Located in the mountains about 40 minutes away from our apartment in Taipei the small town of WuLai is built up on the two sides of the river. The path down to the river is populated by a bunch of aboriginal stores selling local rice and corn wines as well as “mo qi”, sticky rice, which is great candy made out of (take a wild guess..) rice.

After a swim in the river it was time for BBQ; pork, beef, a great deal of clams, some green stuff, sausage, etc. Very nice. As usual the feast lasted for hours with a few Taiwan beer and good old mr McCallan to round-off the evening.
Kudos to James and Sara for this event!

Check out some Wulai pictures.

Oct 23rd, 2006

Thesis Work in Taiwan

So. Finally I have started on my final thesis project. It’s been something I have been looking forward to a long time, so its really nice to have it rolling. Actually, at the time of writing, I am more than half-way done with it. It has all gone so fast, the project was started in August and should be completed in the midst of December, but it sometimes feels I started this just recently, and I dont want it to end. Not just yet…

The project is carried out at NCHC in Hsinchu, Taiwan. NCHC stands for National Center of High-Performace Computing and is a Research and Development center that conducts reseach withing various computation-related areas. It’s a really cool place; the basement is home to some really nice supercomputers and in the visualization lab one can like to play around with 3D polaroid glasses and a quite big Tiled Display Wall, driven by 24 projectors and a cluster of 13 servers :) .
My topic is related to the display wall as I am working within surface reconstruction. Basically my goal is to find and implement a method that enables reconstruction of 3D models from medical data sets. The application will be used to create models of fly brains, human bodies, cell structures etc. And even though the progress is quite slow, I expect that the result will be quite satisfying, in either case its been a great time conducting this research..

Visualization covers many fields in computer science. It’s applications can be used to help us understand scientific and medical relationships and abstract data such as weather predictions and changes to the climate. Tools withing visualization include various rendering and visualization techniques; volume rendering, virtual reality techniques, image processing, procedural methods for images, image based rendering, data mining and representation as well as system development. The topics i propose below include the following areas:

Medical Visualization

GPU-based volume rendering using ray casting

Segmentation methods and large data set optimization

Brain activity visualization

Haptic simulations

Information Visualization

GPGPU: General Purpose Computation using Graphics Hardware

liu_small3.jpgThree years at LITH in Norrköping and one year at NTHU in Taiwan have passed and I’m finally at my last year of class rooms. After that I will have another 6 month of thesis work to conduct before graduation. At the time of writing do not know where I will do this final project leaving the door open for suggestions :)

During my time in school I’ve produced one or two things that I would like to share with my visitors, the nice peopel of Arkitekt Stockholm helped me out here!. These are presented in my portfolio, please check it out!

Aug 1st, 2005

Back to reality

My year of chinese food in Hsinchu, the town of bamboo and semiconductors, has come to an end. Taiwan was indeed an experience I will never forget, many are the memories and friends from one of the, without a doubt, most exciting periods in my life.Linköpings University asked me to write a few words of my time in Taiwan. My thoughts can be read on LITH’s website (html-format) or can be downloaded (in pdf-format) from my publication section.

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